Hodowla Kotow MagicGalaxy*PL

Name: Gabi Anpami LINE* PL

Title: International Champion

EX 1-14  Nom BIS- 1

Date of birth: 23.09.2008

Breed and color: british shorthair blue tortie- BRI g

Sex: female

Breeder: Anna Mielke -Anpami LINE* PL Polska

Blood type: A

PKD: Negative

FeLV i FIV: Negative

HCM- Negativa



Gabi was like a bolt out of the blue for me. She came to my life so suddenly and, at the same time, the idea to take her was taking shape in my head from months. I was asking myself whether I will be able to find enough time for her, whether the cat will have enough space in our home, whether she will not get bored. Quite the contrary. When we're out the kitty roams the stairs to my mom's room where she spends all day on sleeping and playing and when she hears that I'm opening the doors she runs to me and mews under it. She's just perfect.


Small, little - Gabuszka, Gabcia - as simple as that, not Gabi but Gabcia, BUNIA, Gabunia

Derived from blue tortoiseshell  cat :-)

One of his favourite play is to run through the house.  I'm chasing the cat, the cat's chasing me, I'm making sound effects like "szuszuszu" which makes the play more attractive, hahaha.  Oh there's also SZUSZU SZAMOTULSKA - as she came from Szamotuły.

Couldn't be called differently as she's my "misiaczek brysiaczek."

It sounds so caressingly...

.... because there's totek and sesek on our website.  

Mom sings a song about Pimpuś who snores in his bed and Gabi fells asleep ;-)) WoW

Gab - Ryśka

She attacked hands and feet from the very beginning which we treated as fun and stimulated her need for it.  After reading several books and Internet forums we realized that such aggressive behaviour should be eliminated. Anyway, the nickname remained. 

She-cat doesn't understand everything, can't speak and is moody.  Like me, she needs time on her own, doesn't like when someone forces his opinion down her throat and picks her up by force.   Sometimes we shout at each other; once I even took offence at her as she bit me, but she noticed my mood and apologised me in her own way and that's how we started our wonderful friendship.

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