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GIC DAPHNE METHEXIS, CZ- the second Polish british blue she-cat with JUNIOR WINNER title!


Name: Daphne METHEXIS, CZ

Title: Grand International Champion, Junior WINNER

EX 1-34  BIV-10 Nom BIS- 14 BIS -7

Date of birth: 12.09.2009

Breed and color: british shorthair blue- BRI a

Sex: female

Breeder: Eva Krausova- Methexis, CZ-Czechy

Blood type: A

PKD: Negative

FeLV i FIV: Negative

HCM- negative 02.10.2010r.


Daphne is my dreamed blue cat with deep amber look.   In fact, Daphne could be her older sister but the fate decreed that she's with us now and gives us so much happiness.  Dafi is like a little spark, she jumps, runs and takes interest in everything, she's very lively.  She always knows the time when she needs to appear near her bowl, and, in fact, I don't have to call her. She springs out of nowhere when I’m playing with Gabi in the other room and when she apparently ought to sleep in her bed. She has a really good character. She bears patiently all care treatments, likes to be stroked and fawns with her muzzle on my face during the morning greeting. She's cheerful, always playful and is almost a perfect cat.


A hopping rabbit or a little squirrel - is it possible that she can jump like that?! - I couldn't believe it.  Sometimes I wonder how she does it that she lands with a thud, and sometimes not even on her four legs, and then she stands up and runs again.  

Accomplishments: when she had 3,5 month she slipped down gracefully to the bath and jumped out of it spectacularly leaving the whole bathroom wet, she's a star of a certain show (her first) thanks to digging a tunnel under the carpet and her escape from the cat cage.

She loves: to be scratched under her neck and to press down her pillows in her cat house - always before sleeping time, heated floor in the bathroom, butter and walking on the induction stove in the kitchen, to jump on the table and to slide on the tablecloth, karma for adult cats and cream, to play with toilet paper, the sound of a plate that is put in the kitchen.

Along with Gabi they established "Klub Kabanosa Vitakraft."  Nothing wakes me up better, attracts my attention more and force me to get up from my favourite coach more effectively than the sound of the cat kabanos sausage being opened.    The best option is to give 2 pieces per head as 1,5 is not enough when the pack contains 3.

I love her:

- every morning, when the wet nose rubs against my face and furry, soft cat body snuggles against every part of my body which sticks out from the bedclothes asking me for scratching, stroking, playing and getting up as I, your cat, don't sleep any more (Gabulka is more understanding and let me sleep more ;-)),

- morning mews and running through the whole flat when I'm asleep and the cat is not - being bored on the sill, then I get out of the room and I'm noticed.

- fetching a paper by Dafi, is paper best for playing...???

- running to home and playing hide-and-seek,

- full Daphne's trust to me - felling asleep on my hands with the belly upside down.

- my Milaczek - totally!

She hates: I guess there are no such things... or there's one, she hates riding in a transporter and she can stands it only with Gabi aboard.   

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