Hodowla Kotow MagicGalaxy*PL

Totally different characters who complement each other.  They participate in my daily duties separately or together.  The morning greetings are the most beautiful part of the day.  Similarly, during my returns from work my kitties always surprise me and give an energy burst.

  • IC GABI Anpami Line*Pl

Gabi was like a bolt out of the blue for me.  She came to my life so suddenly and, at the same time, the idea to take her was taking shape in my head from months.  I was asking myself whether I will be able to find enough time for her, whether the cat will have enough space in our home, whether she will not get bored.  Quite the contrary.  When we're out the kitty roams the stairs to my mom's room where she spends all day on sleeping and playing and when she hears that I'm opening the doors she runs to me and mews under it.  She's just perfect.


Daphne is my dreamed blue cat with deep honey look.   In fact, Daphne could be her older sister but the fate decreed that she's with us now and gives us so much happiness.  Dafi is like a little spark, she jumps, runs and takes interest in everything, she's very lively.  She always knows the time when she needs to appear near her bowl, and, in fact, I don't have to call her.   She springs out of nowhere when I’m playing with Gabi in the other room and when she apparently ought to sleep in her bed.  She has a really good character.  She bears patiently all care treatments, likes to be stroked and fawns with her muzzle on my face during the morning greeting.  She's cheerful, always playful and is almost a perfect cat.

  • BLUE DAIMONA Magic Galaxy*PL


Daimona is my first cat darling who is to stay with us. She is to be my kindred spirit, cat guard, hope, relief and comfort.  Daimisia is the greatest trouble maker of the B litter. She's a very lively and cheerful cat yet when she needs it she can stare at me which is against her cat nature.   She loves to nestle against my neck and to sleep hugging my head with all her body.

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