Hodowla Kotow MagicGalaxy*PL

Our love affair with cats, referred here as a BREEDING, begun in 2009. Actually, the formal beginning should be dated back to November 2009 when Gabi got her breeding licence and we submitted application for a cattery name.   We are members of Cat Fanciers' Association Cat Club Rybnik which is associated with Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).    

Magic Galaxy*Pl  - this is the name of our cattery. Why such name? It is easy for me.  My small private galaxy is inhabited by amazing magic creatures which are cats.  Cats, kittens, darlings, my sweeties.   It's a small galaxy now but all big things come from small ones, anyway... "small is beautiful" - as someone once said :-).

Currently, there are two she-cats in our cattery:  Gabi Anpami Line* Pl Bri g - a blue tortoiseshell cat and Daphne Methexis, Cz Bri a – blue cat.We also plan to have one more she-cat fom our cattery.

The vet care for our cats is provided by "Pańska Góra" vet center in Jaworzno. Our cats are examined for evidences of viral infectious diseases such as:  FIV and FeLV as well as polycystic kidney disease (PKD) / genetic disease/.

Our cats are fed on the following karmas:

  • Almo Nature
  • ANF
  • Animonda
  • Hill`s Nature`s Best
  • Gimpet
  • Miamor
  • Nutram
  • Royal Canin Veterinary
  • Sheba

We treat our Magic Galaxy*PL cat cattery, or rather life and birthplace of small kitties, as something extraordinary and wonderful.     Something we can devote to.  Cats are a form of escape from our ordinary life.  They are our hobby and a way of spending free time on playing, observing and taking care of our cats.

It's also a way of living as nothing relaxes you more, lightens atmosphere more prominently or is a better food for thought than a cat who prepares for sleeping, stares at us and then closes his eyes tenderly and contemplates various cat issues... .

It's not an easy job to find a home for a cat.  To give a kitty to strangers who starts their own cattery is a real dilemma and poses question - am I doing right?  Therefore, we know that we received great credit from the breeders.   We can't let them down.  We would like to thank cordially for this trust and, most notably, for our pet friends. 

Thanks to Anna and Paweł Mielke from Anpami Line*PL cattery and Eva Krausova and Jiří Krčmářovi from Czech Methexis cattery, Cz for our wonderful kitties.

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